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Difference Between Personal Consumer and Organizational Consumer

Personal Consumer and Organizational Consumer are the two main categories of Consumers. We can divide consumers as per the use and requirement of products and services and their use or purpose of buying the things.

After reading this article you may get the answer to the question – What is the difference between Personal Consumer and Organizational Consumer with the help of following points.

Personal Consumer Vs. Organisational Consumer


Personal Consumer: Personal Use Purpose

Buying Goods or Services for your own use or for family or friends. (For Personal Use.)

Organizational Consumer: Business Purpose

A business, Government, Organizations (Including both profit and non-profit) or agencies buying Goods or services for the organization to function. (Many times for a resale purpose.)


Personal Consumer: Less Quantity in Numbers

Organizational Consumer: More Quantity in Numbers

Price per unit

Personal Consumer: More Price Per Unit

Organizational Consumer: Less Price Per Unit

Price (Total)

Personal Consumer: Less Total Price

Organizational Consumer: More Total Price

Purchase of final product for

Personal Consumer: personal use

Organizational Consumer: Raw Materials, Other required things for Manufacturing or Reselling

Buying Frequency

Personal Consumer: Less buying frequesncy

Organizational Consumer: More buying frency

Factors affecting

Personal Consumer: Individual Needs and Budget factors

Organizational Consumer: Market Needs, Demand, Profit, Resources etc. factors

Need and influence to buy

Personal Consumer: Ads or other factors can influence to buy Unnecessary or Unneeded products

Organizational Consumer: Much harder to buy unneeded products

Bulk Buys

Personal Consumer: No bulk buys

Organizational Consumer: Yes. Buys in bulk

Freedom to purchase

Personal Consumer: More freedom to purchase

More Freedom to purchase various products

Organizational Consumer: Less freedom to purchase

Cannot purchase a variety of products (Generally, Purchase products as per the requirement of the organization

These are some basic points to understand the difference between Personal consumer and Organizational consumer.

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