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130+ Digital Marketing Topics For Presentation (Updated 2021)

Due to the increased importance of online marketing, students as well as researchers need the latest and best digital marketing topics for presentation. This post covers the latest trending & Interesting digital marketing topics for presentation updated in 2021. These internet marketing related topics can be used for PowerPoint PPT Presentation, oral presentation, speeches in seminars or conferences.

These Online marketing presentation topics will help students of MBA, MMS, BBA, Bcom, PGDM, Engineering in IT & computer science and other management and technical courses for presentation.

Latest Digital Marketing Presentation Topics

The state of Email in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

Marketing 4.0: When Online Meets Offline, Style Meets Substance, and Machine-to-Machine Meets Human-to-Human

Impact of 5G on Digital Marketing

5G and the future of digital marketing

Digital Marketing: Opportunities & Challenges

Digital marketing in the age of 5G

Research Online Purchase Offline

Is Online Learning The New Normal?

Online Education: The New Normal!

Chatbots: Benefits & Challenges for Digital Marketing

Programmatic Advertising: AI to Automate

The search world in 2021

SEO: How to rank in 2021

SEO ranking factor in 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane for Digital Marketing

Impact of AI on digital marketing


Marketing Automation

Omnichannel Marketing

Digital marketing trends: What the future holds

Digital marketing for dummies

Best digital marketing campaigns ever!

Digital marketing: a new tool for international education

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing: Career Opportunities!

Digital Marketing hacks to increase sales

Evolution of Digital Marketing!

The art of visual content

Digital Marketing 101

Conversational Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about ‘Inking Ideas’

Video Marketing

An era of internet marketing

Digital Business Vs. Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Topics

Search Engine Optimization

Effect of AMP on SEO

Search Engine Marketing


Is SEO a myth?

Affiliate Marketing Topics

Influencer Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Media Marketing

Associate Marketing

Best affiliate platforms to start with!

Social Media Marketing Topics

Social Media Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Social Media Advertising

YouTube Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Quora Marketing

Snapchat Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Instagram Analytics

Content Marketing

Why Content Is Vital In Digital Marketing

Content is the new oil!

Importance of content marketing in digital marketing

E-Commerce Topics

E-Commerce: Future of Business?

Business Analytics


Collaborative Marketing

SMS Marketing


Digital Security & Privacy Topics

Digital Marketing & Privacy Concerns

Privacy: Biggest challenge for digital marketer

Digital Advertising Topics

IoT Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google digital marketing

Keyword advertising

Role of Coupon Codes in Digital Marketing

Native Advertising

Digital Copy Writing

Email Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Online Public Relations (PR)

Mobile Marketing Topics

Is it the year of mobile yet!

Mobile Marketing Best Practice

Importance of colour psychology in digital marketing

Marketing in a digital world!

Inbound Marketing

Blogging for digital marketing

SMM in Digital Marketing


Algorithms Are The New Gatekeepers

The Must Do’s of Your Digital Strategy

Integrated online marketing strategy

Real-Time Marketing

Integrated digital marketing

Optimization Pyramids for Digital Ads

Mobile Analytics

SEO for Ecommerce

Online Marketing Challenges & Opportunities

The battle between Online Marketing Vs. Offline Marketing

Digital Marketing Plan

Need for digital marketing!

Audience Targetting

Doing SEO without money!

Email Marketing still works!

A/B Testing

The importance of responsive design

Are You Ready For Digital Business?

SEO, Social Media and Content Convergence

Digital Marketing Research Topics

Marketing Research & Digital Trends

Future of marketing research

Social media market research

A Framework for Digital Marketing Research

Digital marketing research

The Importance of Market Research in Digital Marketing

Online Vs. Offline Marketing Research

Technology applications in Marketing Research

Applying information systems to marketing research

The Impact of Market Research on Digital Marketing

Ethical issues in Digital Marketing Research

Digital marketing in India

Digital India

5 years of Digital India – How far have we come?

Scope of Digital Marketing In India

Why has eBay failed in India?

Is eBay losing its charm in India?

Scope of Digital Marketing In India

History Of Digital Marketing In India

Impact of digitization in India

Emerging trends in digital marketing in India

The future of digital marketing in India

Digital Marketing in the Indian Context

India’s Digital Marketing Journey!

India: Cruising on the digital-highway

India’s Digital Hangover!

This is all about digital marketing topics for power point presentation. These topics also can be used for subjects like virtual marketing, internet marketing, online marketing and information technology.