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Entrepreneurship Development And Project Management Question Papers

This post covers previous years Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management Question Papers. For these EDPM question papers, we have referred Pune University question paper section. These question papers of entrepreneurship development and project management are useful for MBA, MMS, MMM, B Com, M Com, BBA and other management students.

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management Question Paper: Set 1

Source: SPPU May’09

Instructions to the candidates:

  1. Q.No. 1 is compulsory.
  2. Solve any 3 out of remaining.
  3. Figures to right indicate full marks.

Q1)  a) Define the term Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur, explain the attributes of a successful entrepreneur?  [15]

b) Illustrate the role of entrepreneurship in the Indian Economy. [10]

Q2) Write an essay on the role played by DIC & SISI for the development of entrepreneurship? [15]

Q3) What do you mean by term business idea, explain the Government procedure involved in it? [15]

Q4) Explain the role of Central Government & State Government in promoting Entrepreneurship in India?   [15]

Q5) Explain the prospects of women entrepreneurship in India? [15]

Q6) Why do entrepr~neurs fail in their venture, according to Peter Drucker? [15)

Q7) Short notes (attempt any 2)[15)

a) Entrepreneurial culture.

b) lOBI & ICICI’s role.

c) Fiscal & Tax concession.

d) National Entrepreneurship Development Board.

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management Question Paper: Set 2

Source: Reference from may’08 SPPU New Pat.

Instructions to the candidates:

  1. Question no. 1 is compulsory.
  2. Solve any 3 out of the remaining.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q1) a) Elaborate on the evolution of the concept of entrepreneur. [10]

Q1) b) How does entrepreneurial culture affect entrepreneurship?   [15]

Q2) What do you mean by business planning process? Explain its steps.  [15]

Q3) Write an essay on the role played by IUBI & ICICI to promote
entrepreneurship development.  [15]

Q4) Explain the significant role played by EDll & NEDB. [15]

Q5) What are the major pitfalls by Peter Drucker? [15]

Q6) Elaborate on the reasons for low women entrepreneurs in Indian contest. [15]

Q7) Write short notes on (Any 2):

  • Employment development.
  • Environmental Analysis.
  • Fiscal & Tax concessions.
  • Problems of women entrepreneurs. [15]

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management Question Paper: Set 3

Set Ref. ‘8 (o) pat.

Instructions to the candidates:

  1. Q. No. 1 is compulsory.
  2. Solve ANY THREE questions out of the remaining.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q1) a) Discuss the role of the Government both at the Central and State level in motivating and developing entrepreneurship in India.

b) “Developing countries like India need imitative entrepreneurs rather
than innovative entrepreneurs”. Do you agree? Justify your answer with
examples.  [15]

Q2) What are the reasons for very few women becoming entrepreneurs in a developing country like India? Whether Indian women entrepreneurs have now made an impact and shown that they too can contribute to the economic development of the country? Discuss with examples. [15]

Q3) Answer ANY THREE.  [15]

a) Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

b) Explain the concept of risk. How it is related to entrepreneurial functions?

c) Write a note on organizations that promote women entrepreneurship in India.

d) Distinguish between’ Entrepreneur’ and’ Intrapreneur’ .

e) Briefly mention what are the ‘Objectives’ and ‘Functions’ off DBI.

Q4)   Explain the concept of Business Environment and discuss how to scan the environment and identify Business Opportunities. Illustrate your answer with reference to ‘Travel and Tourism OR Event Management Venture of your choice.  [15]

Q5) Write explanatory notes on the following.

  1. Entrepreneurial Culture. Or   [15] Four Entrepreneurial Pit-Falls
  2. Project Appraisal,  or Venture Capital Funding

Q6) Explain the role of SIDBI and District Industries Centres (DICs) in entrepreneurship development.   [15]

Q 7) Mr Rahul a fresh graduate in food technology has developed a novel food product; viz. Coconut Water Composite [CWC] based o.n the indigenously developed technology. The product has been tested by the government food testing laboratory and certified fo.r human consumption. CWC is very tasty and energetic. It not contain any preservatives and does not deplete underground water reservoirs.

Mr Rahul plans to. introduce this novel product as a challenger substitute to. ‘Pepsi and Coca Cola’ cold-drinks. Prepare a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan fo.r launch of this product nationwide. State your assumptions clearly.   [15]

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management Question Paper: Set 4

Ref. ‘8

Instructions to the candidates:

  • Q. No.1 is compulsory.
  • Solve any three out of the remaining.
  • Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q 1) What are the qualities required by an entrepreneur? [10]

How can the problems & opportunities in business be identified? [15]

Q. 2) Discuss the nature, scope & importance of banks in the entrepreneurial development of the country.  [15]

Q. 3) Elaborate on the role of state Government in providing incentives, subsidies, grants & tax concessions to the entrepreneurs & new ventures [15]

Q. 4) What measures do you suggest to promote women entrepreneurship? [15]

Q. 5) Explain the role of ICICI in promoting entrepreneurship development. [15]

Q. 6) “Developing countries need initiatives rather than innovative
entrepreneurs”. Comment.                                                                   [15]

Q7) Write short notes on (Any Three):

  1. SFC
  2. Entrepreneurial Culture.
  3. Reasons for low women entrepreneurs.
  4. Push factors & Pull factors.
  5. Entrepreneur. [15]

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management Question Paper: Set 5



  • Q. No. I is compulsory.
  • Solve allY 3 out of tile remaining
  • Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Ql) a)Define the term entrepreneur. What are the attributes of an entrepreneur? [10]

b)Explain the role played by an entrepreneur in the Indian economy.’ [15]

Q2) Define business idea. Elaborate on the problems & opportunities for an
entrepreneur.                  [15]

Q3) Explain the entrepreneurial pitfalls according to Peter. Drucker.            [15]

Q4) “It is remarked.that entrepreneurship is more suitable for young & unmarried ‘women”- Do you agree? Justify. [15]

Q5) What is the role played by the Central & State Government to promote entrepreneurship?  [15]

Q6) Elaborate on the schemes offered by Commercial banks for the development of entrepreneurship. [15]

Q1) Write short notes on (Any two):   [15]

a) Entrepreneur Vs Entrepreneurship.
c) Export-oriented units.
d) Reasons for low women entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management Question Paper: Set 6

Ref. ‘7

Q.1    a) Define entrepreneur & entrepreneurship. What are the qualities required for becoming an entrepreneur?    [15]

b) Explain the role played by an entrepreneur in the Indian economy.    [10]

Q.2    What are the problems & prospects for women entrepreneur in India? 15]

Q.3    “It is remarked that entrepreneurial culture has a lot of impact on entrepreneurs”. Do you agree? Justify. [15]

Q.4    Elaborate business planning process, in detail.      [15]

Q.5    Explain the significant role played by DIC & SISI for the development of entrepreneurship.   [15]

Q.6    Elaborate the role played by various financial institutions in the Indian context. [15]

Q.7    Write short notes on (any 2)

  • a)     Entrepreneurial pitfalls.
  • b)      Reason for low women entrepreneurs.
  • c)      Entrepreneur Vs Manager
  • d)     NIESBUD

EDPM Question Paper: Set 7

Set source/ref. ‘5

1)     Discuss the “Culture of Entrepreneurship” and its role in the economic development of a nation. What factors contribute to nurturing such a culture?

2)     A) discuss the role of women in entrepreneurship and attributes of a woman entrepreneur

B) What are the problems faced by women entrepreneurs in India? What measure would you suggest to overcome these?

3)     The phenomenon of Liberalization, privatization and globalization has created a favourable environment of entrepreneurship in India. Critically examine the above statement and suggest how the youngsters can make the best use of this.

4)     A) Describe the contents of a typical E.D.P(Entrepreneurship Development Programmed) and its conduct.

B) Entrepreneurs are born and not trained comment on above with the reference to .E.D.P.’s

5) Write short notes on any three

  • A) Social factors affecting entrepreneurship
  • b) SIDBI
  • c) Project planning
  • d) The sickness of S.S.I Units in India.
  • e) Role of educational institutes in promoting entrepreneurship

5)     India is mainly an agrarian country, and its major the formers. Recent times have seen a spate of suicides by many former due to failure of crops, and many other reasons as debts etc have come to take a serious view of this important activity which being neglected and relegated to other more lucrative industrial. Small agricultural activity hence needs to be viewed as an “Entrepreneur venture” and the small farmer as an ‘agricultural entrepreneur’ Keeping this conceptual theme in mind answer the following requirement.

a)     how can agriculture be viewed as an entrepreneurial venture? Attributes are necessary in a small scale farmer entrepreneur?

b)      In order to remove complete dependence on crops, alone activities need to be augmented b the other supplementary activities. What activities would you propose which will help the farmer survive the loss of crops?

c)      Design a short Entrepreneurship development programme for the farmer.

EDPM Question Paper: Set 8

Reference ‘5 used for this set of entrepreneurship development and project management question papers.


Que 1)  Define ‘ Entrepreneur’ and discuss the essential attributes of an Entrepreneur, with suitable examples.

Que 2)  Illustrate the role of financial institutions in promoting entrepreneurship development in India, with special emphasis on their liberalized schemes of assistance for working capital and long term, loans.

Que 3)  Define the environment and discuss the impact of the liberalization, privatization and globalization measures on entrepreneurship development in India.

Que 4)  Discuss the role and importance of the following institutions in promoting, training and developing entrepreneurs in India:
a)  EDII.
c)  IEDs /  CEDs.

Que 5)  Discuss the problems and prospects of women Entrepreneurs in India. Do you consider women to be better entrepreneurs than men? If yes why? If no why?

Que 6)  Write short notes.

a) Special credit facilities by banks for entrepreneurs.
b) Four entrepreneurial pitfalls.
d) Entrepreneur Vs Manager.

EDPM Question Paper: Set 9

Set reference ’05


  1. Attempt any four questions.
  2. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) What is entrepreneurship. What is the role of the entrepreneur in the Indian economy? Give some reasons why an individual entrepreneur might succeed in bringing a product to the market where the government or a large corporation might fail.

Q2) Compare and contrast between Entrepreneur Vs. Intrapreneur, Entrepreneur Vs. Manager. Discuss business pressures that have led to an increasing emphasis on intrapreneurship. Explain why traditional corporate management has not been conducive to intrapreneurship.

Q3) What factors present in our society could account for the differences between male and female entrepreneurs today. What changes do you foresee in this pattern 10 years down the line?

Q4) How does Environmental Analysis help in search and scanning for business ideas. How would you go about monitoring and evaluating the new products being offered by existing companies? Is this a viable technique of generating new ideas. Why or why not.

Q5) Discuss the fundamentals of a good feasibility plan. Explain the major components of a feasibility plan. Cite suitable examples.

Q6) what is the role of the central government and state government agencies in promoting entrepreneurship.

Q7) Write short notes on any 3

  • 1.     Entrepreneurial culture
  • 2.     Venture capital funding
  • 3.     Four Entrepreneurial pitfalls
  • 4.     NIESBUD
  • 5.     District Industries centres

This is all about entrepreneurship development and project management previous years sample question papers.