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List of Finance Reference Books & Textbooks

Below is the list of Finance reference books and textbooks. These books can be used for studying Finance Management. This list includes the author name, publisher name and other details about the book. Students of MBA, MMS, PGDM, BBA, Bcom and Mcom and other management and commerce courses can take benefits of these books for study and exam preparation.

List of reference and textbooks for finance and finance management study:

Finance: The Basics by Erik Banks

Author: Erik Banks

Publisher: Routledge

Dictionary Of Finance & Banking Oxford

Publisher: Oxford University Press

International Finance: Business Perspective by Apte

Author: Apte, P. G.

Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill (TMH)

Case Study Solutions Finance by Kaushal

Author: Kaushal, H.

Publisher: Macmillan

Accounting & Finance For Bankers by IIBF

Author: Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance(IIBF)

Publisher: Macmillan Indian Limited New Delhi

Finance Sense: Corporate Finance For Non-Finance Executives by Chandra

Author: Prasanna Chandra

Publisher: Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Money Banking Finance reference book by N. K. Sinha

Author:  N. K Sinha

Publisher: Bsc Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd

Practitioners’ Book On Trade Finance by Taxmann

Author: Taxmann

Publisher: Taxmann Publication Pvt. Ltd. (2010)

Lords Of Finance by Ahamad

Author(s): Liaquat Ahamed

Publisher: Windmill Books

International Corporate Finance

Author: Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance(IIBF)

Publisher: Macmillan India Ltd. New Delhi

Corporate Finance Theory And Practice

Author: Aswath Damodaran

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Value Investing and Behavioral Finance by Parag Parikh

Author:  Parag Parikh

Publisher: Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Quantitive Methods For Banking & Finance by Ramasastri

Author:  A S Ramasastri

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers India

Statistical and Finance Introduction by David

Author: Ruppert David

Publisher: Springer India

Finance For Non-Finance Managers by Chatterjee

Author: B. K Chatterjee

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Finance Policies and management by Satish Tiwari

Author: Satish Tiwari (ed. )

Publisher: Anmol

Public Finance by S Chand

Author S. N. Chand

Publisher: Atlantic

Cases In Corporate Finance by Vishwanath

Author: Viswanath

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Commodity Markets by Chatnani

Author: Chatnani

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Financial Services by Khan

Author: Khan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Fundamentals Of Financial Management by Chandra

Author:  Chandra

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Financial Management: Text, Problems And Cases by Khan

Author: Khan

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Financial Institutions And Markets by Bhole

Author: Bhole

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Aspects of Mathematical Finance by Marc Yor

Author: Marc Yor

Structured Finance And Insurance by Culp

Author: Christopher L. Culp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc

Survivor’s Guide to Finance by Bergeron

Author: Pierre G. Bergeron

Publisher: Cengage Learning College

Statistical Methods and Non-Standard Finance

Author: Andrew W. (EDT) Lo

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report by FCIC

Author: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

Publisher: Random House Business

The Financial Menu by Theyer

Author: Klaus Theyer

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Pub Co

This is all about finance reference books and textbooks.