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Information Systems Reference Books

Given below is the list of Information Systems Reference Books & Text Books. This list includes book name, author name, publication and link to buy the book.

Book Useful for: MBA, BBA, B Com, M Com, BE, MCA

Analysis & Design Of Information Systems By Rajaraman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: V Rajaraman, V. 2nd ed PHI

Publisher: PHI Publication

No. of pages: 350 (Approx.)

Analysis & Design Of Information Systems by Jenn

Author: James Senn

Publisher: Tata McGrwa Hill Education

No. of Pages: –

Business Information Systems: Systems Engineering For Business Managers

Author: Prithwis Mukerjee

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

No. of pages: 218 (Approx.)

Information Systems Analysis And Design: Modern Approach To Systems Development by Vigyacharya

Author: Vigyacharya, Ram B. New Age

Publisher: New Age International Publishers

No. of pages: 400 (Approx.)

Information Systems Control & Audit

Author: Ron Weber

Publisher: Pearson Education

No. of pages: 1000 (Approx.)

Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy By Turban

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author: Efraim Turban, Linda Volonino

Publisher: Wiley

No. of pages: 650 approx

Information Systems For Modern Management

Author: Murdick, R/ Ross, J/ Claggett, J. 3rd ed PHI

Publisher: Prentice Hall India

No. of pages: 480 approx

This is all about list of Information Systems Reference Books useful for management, engineering and commerce students.

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