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Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour

There are various factors or disciplines which affects consumer behaviour. These interdisciplinary dimensions can change Consumer Behaviour and their buying decisions. This article will explain the Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour with suitable examples.

Five Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour

1. Economic

Demand, Supply, Income, Purchasing Power

2. Psychology

Needs, Motivation, Personality, Perception, Attitudes, Learning

3. Sociology

Society, Social Class, Power, Esteem, Status

4. Socio Psychology

Group Behaviour, Group Influences, Conformity to group norms, Role Leader.

5. Cultural Anthropology

Beliefs, Values, Attitude towards wealth, Joint Family System, Caste System

We can explain all above Inter-Disciplinary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour with the help of various points and examples.


This is traditional discipline mainly focus on economic activities to get maximum returns on investment.

Man’s behaviour always involves choice and he will purchase from various alternatives available in the market based on his purchasing power.

There are two important concepts in Economics which we can not neglect –

1. Demand i.e. Consumption and

2. Supply (Production)

Many times pricing of a product depends on the availability of the product in the market and their supply.

If demand is more and supply is less, the price may be high and visa versa.

Marketers should identify groups of people with unsatisfied needs and wants and are ready to spend money. These can be target customers for marketers to offers unique and innovative products.


1. Disposable Income: Take home pay or income minus taxes

2. Discretionary Income: Purchasing power or income left after paying taxes and spending on basic necessary items like food clothing, home etc.

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Reference Books

Consumer Behaviour (Text and Cases) By Suja R Nair, Himalaya Publishing House

This is all about key Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour with examples.