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160+ Interesting Topics For Presentation (Updated 2021)

Below is the list of more than 160 most interesting topics for presentation for PPT & oral presentations in the English language. These topics can be used in class, school, college, university, workplace, office, seminars, conferences, workshops, speeches and discussions. Students can make their PowerPoint presentations more interesting by selecting an appropriate topic. These topics are suitable for both, individuals as well as group presentations.

So, let’s explore interesting topics to talk about in a presentation. These topics are updated in 2021.

Interesting Presentation Topics For College Students

Who will be the next superpower?

Are girls more intelligent than boys?

Is a college education worth it?

Interplanetary Superhighway: Dream Vs. Reality!

SpaceX: Journey to mars!

Should smoking be banned?

Villages: strength or weakness for the nation

Multitasking is a lie!

Driverless Cars: New Reality!

Hardcover Books vs. Kindle Books!

The necessity of Sex Education

Save Mother Earth!

The best age to get married!

Academic freedom should be permitted in our higher education!

Academic dishonesty is the first step in corruption!

Are footballers overpaid?

The influence of social media on students!

Interesting Topics For Short Presentation

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage!

Love: Choice or feeling!

Are humans animals?

Is Beauty subjective!

Love Vs Attraction

The balance between rights and duties

Are humans more intelligent than other animals?

Is it right for life to protect another!

How to balance between mother and wife!

It is better to die on feet than to live on knees!

Human Cloning: Challenges & Possibilities.

People are weird!

Conquer those who believe they can!

What is real intelligence?

What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the self?

A human can live without meat!

Life is full of ” Ifs” and ” Buts”

Effect of Music on Mind!

What can cause the third World War!

Interesting Presentation Topics About India

India 2020 vision: dream vs. reality!

Cricket a curse for the other games!

India’s $5 trillion dream!

Greatest business personalities in India!

India needs educational reforms!

Should sport be obligatory at school?

India: the next superpower!

Interesting Presentation Topics For Work or Office

Where are the ethics of business?

The balance between personal and professional life!

Job Vs. Business: Dream Vs. Reality!

Multitasking is a lie! (Ref. The One Thing by Garry Keller)

Work-life balance is a myth!

Pareto Principle: 80% of results come from 20% of work!

Interesting Topics For Lecture

Role of Women in Nation Building

Attitude is everything

Role of discipline in success!

Indian discoveries that changed the world!

Democracy is dying!

Social media: Boon or Bane for society!

Young India: Role of youngsters in nation-building

Education is a big scam!

Ragging in colleges: problem & practical solutions

Interesting Literature Topics For Presentation

Shall literature be gendered?

Indian mythology in literature

Influence of western culture on Indian literature!

Indian literature: Challenges & opportunities!

The liberalization of literature!

Use of psychology in literature!

Literature & social issues!

Should literature be censored?

The work of Shakespeare

Ancient Vs. Modern literature!

The influence of feminism on modern literature

Political influence on literature!

Literature as a part of modern culture in India!

The History of literature

Literature affects culture or culture affects literature!

My favourite Author!

Literature inspired movies!

Impact of technology on literature!

The golden era of Vedic Literature

Science & Technology

Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money!

Cybersecurity: Are we really safe!

Try Offline, Buy Online

The Rise of SpaceX

The decade of the digital economy!

How bad or good social networks are!

Top 10 Discoveries of the Decade

Blended realities!

Why the new online is offline!

Internet: is producing copycats!

Ban on cell phone usage in schools and colleges

The online risk(s)!

The balance between respiration and photosynthesis

Plastic Roads: Future of Roads

The Duplicate Mobile phone Market – Who is responsible?

Earth is not round!

Power of 3D Printing!

Mars: Human’s New Destination!


Population: Asset or Threat for growth!

No more gender inequality!

CNG Vs. Electric: Best alternate fuel!

Will population growth destroy our way of life?

Overpopulation: The human explosion!

Ways to calculate the life of Earth!

In Awe of nature!

Mysterious & Brainstorming

The Mystery of Reincarnation!

Truth about Reincarnation

Are vampires real?

Are boys better at sport than girls?

Bermuda Triangle: Miracle or Science?

Do aliens really exist?

Do vampires really exist on earth?

Does God really Exist?

Do mermaids really exist?

Are UFOs real?

The truth about Unidentified Flying Object

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

The myth of Area51!

Controversial Topics

Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Government is responsible for high petrol prices!

Gun Control: Good or Bad?

Abortion is murder

Media censorship: your views

Should the death penalty exist?

If you can’t convince him, confuse him

Should we be happy with what we have?

The Death Penalty: Use it or not?

Should drugs become legal?

Should guns be banned?

No one is above the law: How true!

Should All the World Armies be Dissolved?

Who is responsible for global warming: Government or Public?

Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?

Miscellaneous Topics

Best solutions for Terror attacks

Do our planners lack foresight?

Car: lease or buy!

Every tick of clock formulates a history

Fear sets in if you don’t grab opportunities

What is middle child syndrome?

Measures to control corruption

Palliative care is in need of a lifeline

Revolutions are not made, they come

Should military service be obligatory?

Should our society be gun-free

Who is responsible to protect endangered species?

Is China a Threat to Industry!

The evolution of the English language

Interesting Subjects For Presentation


Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality

Marketing 4.0

Quantum Physics


This is all about the most interesting topics for presentations. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slide or Prezi to make your presentations more attractive and cool.