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International Marketing Question Papers

Below given is an International Marketing Question Papers. These question papers are from Pune University. You can find answers to these questions by searching in the search box provided on this site. These question papers can be used as reference, sample or model question papers for other universities also. We will try to upload more question papers with answers. You can contribute by submitting more question papers to this site.

2008 Pattern (New)

Subject code:303 M.B.A. 303

Instructions for the candidate:

  1. Attempt any five questions.
  2. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1. Discuss various objectives of International Marketing along with challenges involved ‘International Marketing’.

Q.2 ‘Analysis Of Global Economic Environment is quite essential to International Marketing in today’s scenario’ Critically comment on the statement.

Q.3 Suggest a suitable ‘Foreign Market Entry Strategy for following. Justify your answer

  1. An Indian steel company planning to get into Overseas- markets.
  2. A ready-made garment small-scale Indian Manufacturer willing to enter US market
  3. An Internationally reputed Fast Food Chain – Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)’ willing to enter Indian Markets.

Q.4 Elaborate various ‘Product Strategies’ for International Markets.

Q.5 Discuss various factors affecting ‘International Pricing’.

Q.6 Describe various commercial documents required for shipment of export goods.

Q.7 Write Short note on (Any Two)

  1. Challenges in cross-cultural marketing
  2. Global Advertising vs country-specific advertising
  3. Challenges in Global Marketing Research
  4. Limitations of Global Marketing