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Latest Topics For Presentation (Updated 2021)

Below is the list of the latest topics for presentations updated recently in 2021. These newly updated trending topics can be used for paper presentation, poster presentation, seminars, webinars, conferences, classroom presentations etc. Hope these latest PPT topics will help engineering, management and commerce students.

Latest Technology Topics For Presentation

5G war? – What does it mean for the telecom industry & people?

Power of Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

TikTok & the Law!

The Fear of TikTok

Life after TikTok Ban!!

Bluetooth 5.0

E-Learning: the future of education!!

Driver-less Car

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Technology

Sixth Sense Technology: Future of Technology

Wireless charging for mobile phones

Smartphone: Future of Computer

Technologies as a core strength of the nation

Cloud Printing for Android

Future of Mobile Commerce

Li-Fi Vs. Wi-Fi

Technologies that will disappear in the next 5 years

Data management with mobile devices.

Applications of RFID (Radio-frequency identification)

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Latest Science Topics for Presentation

Quantum mechanics & its impact on human life

Light Fidelity Technology (LiFi)

Near Field Communication (NFC)

SpaceX: A new space race

Conventional Vs. Chemical Weapons

Chemicals – Modern Demons!

Top 10 Discoveries of the Decade

The first creation of human embryonic stem cells by cloning.

Latest Indian Topics

Is China gearing up for war!

Kashmir before and after Article 370

The Farm Bill 2020: Good or Bad for Farmers?

Boycott China Products Campaign

Lessons for India after the Galwan Valley Clash!

Pact with China – No Guarantee of peace!

Sino Indian conflict: The Aftermath!

India’s New Rafale: China’s Fear?

National Education Policy: A new dawn for Indian Sign Language?

Can India afford to boycott Chinese products?

Nepotism! Just a new name?

India’s AatmaNirbhar Bharat dreams!!!

Decoding India’s New Education Policy 2020

The Politics of Nepotism!

New Education Policy 2020: 3 Language Formula Criticism

Effect of elections on Indian Economy

Nepotism harms business!

Issues of national security are no longer simple!

Indian Pharma is still attractive to foreign investors!

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Latest Economy Related Topics

The world after Covid 19 pandemic

BitCoin: The Next Currency?

Global Economic Collapse 2008 and 2013: Reasons and solutions

Economic Indicators provide only a part of the picture

Solar Energy: Future of Power

Foreign equity is good but beware of risks

Stay invested during the course of market ups and downs!

What makes a country developed?

Contrarian Investing

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)

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Latest Business Topics for Presentation

Consumers want value-added services

Marketing 4.0: Transformation From Traditional to Digital

Industrial Revolution 4.0

Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane for Businesses

Without professionals, quality delivery will be a challenge!

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Latest Environmental Topics

Will a ban on finning save the shark?

Overpopulation: Strength or weakness of the world?

Welfare of Animals

Global Warming Denial: Alarming Situation!

Miscellaneous Topics

Effects of 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Centre

Challenge of Terror Attacks

Implementation is a problem, not schemes!

Academic pressure: Too much to handle

Developing countries need trade, not aid.

Should the government control the internet & its content?

Newspaper Industry Faces Existential Crises

Potential meteorite impact

Can International law save the Syrian People?

This is all about the latest topics for presentation.