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Top 50 Marketing Management MCQ With Answers & Explanation

Set 6: Marketing Examples

This section covers MCQ on Marketing Management Examples.

The word shampoo in English is derived from the ………. chāmpo.

A. French Word

B. Greek Word

C. Hindi Word

D. Sanskrit Word

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A. Hindi Word

This company is well known for Technology innovation, Great value and act as a game changer.

A. Nokia

B. Apple


D. Samsung


B. Apple

Political campaigns are generally an examples of _________.

A. Event Marketing

B. Ambush Marketing

C. Digital Marketing

D. Person Marketing


D. Person Marketing

______ makes a service different from a product.

A. Pricing

B. Intangibility

C. Ubiquity

D. Liquidity


B. Intangibility

“Many people want BMW, only a few are able to buy” this is an example of _______

A. Need

B. Want

C. Demand

D. Status

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C. Demand

Explanation: Need is a basic requirement. For example, Hunger. When we redirect need towards a specific product, it becomes Want. For example, Coffee or Burger. Demand is when want is backed by the ability to pay i.e. money. For example, a person is able to pay Rs. 50 or whatever the price is for a burger.

This is all about Marketing Management Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ ) With Answers. Hope these marketing management MCQ will help you in exams.

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