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Marketing Management Question Papers Pune University

Previous years Marketing Management ( MM) Question papers Pune University, Savitribai Phule Pune University recent years Question Papers of Marketing Management for MBA, MMM, MMS students. You can use the search provided on this website to find answers to these questions. These question papers can be used by students looking for BOM (Basics of Marketing) question papers.

MAY 2009

Instructions to the candidates: 1) Attempt any five questions. 2) All questions carry equal marks.

Ql) Design a ‘Marketing Mix’ for following products. Justify your answer. (Make Assumptions wherever necessary)

a) Portable MP3 player.

b) Branded wheat floor (Ata).

Q2) Explain the concept of ‘Product Mix’ in detail. Also mention various product mix strategies.

Q3) Explain the concept of ‘Product life cycle’ with help of a neat diagram of a PLC for standardised product.

Q4) Physical Distribution’ is a network of blood vessels which is necessary for existence of an organisation”. Critically analyse the statement.

Q5) Explain various factors affecting pricing decisions in an organisation.

Q6) Enumerate and explain importance and various Techniques of sales promotion.

Q7)  Write short notes (Any two):

a) Latest Trends in packaging.

b) Functions of advertising.

c) Direct Marketing.

d) Extended Ps of Marketing Mix.


Instructions to the candidates:- 1) Question No.1 is compulsory.  2) Attempt any 4 questions out of the remaining. 3) All questions carry equal marks.

Ql)   A multinational FMCG company known for its confectionery products, is planning to launch a new brand of ‘chewing gum’ in Indian markets. Chewing gum will be available nationwide in orange, mint and strawberry flavour. Design a suitable promotional mix for the above product. Assume your own brand name and clearly specify the target markets.

Q2) Explain the process of ‘New product development’ in detail.

Q3) Describe various factors influencing design of distribution channels.

Q4) What is PLC (product life cycle)? Draw and explain PLC for a standardised product.

Q5) What are the factors influencing pricing decisions? Explain in detail.

Q6) Explain ‘Extended Ps’ of marketing mix with suitable corporate examples.

Q7) Write short notes (any two):

a) Current trends in packaging.

b) Levels of Product.

c) Psychological Pricing.

d) Franchising.

APRIL 2012

Total No. of Questions : 7] [Total No. of Pages : 2 [4175] – 201 M.B.A.

201 : MARKETING MANAGEMENT (2008 Pattern) (Sem. – II) Time :3 Hours]

[Max. Marks :70

Instructions to the candidates:-

1) Question 1 is compulsory.

2) Answer any four among the remaining questions.

3) All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) Define Product. Explain different types of products with suitable examples.

Q2) Company X has a dominant share in the Indian Sauce market and also owns a successful brand in the catagory. Research showed that there was a need for sauce with unique taste which could be taken with Indian as well as western snack foods. The company introduced ‘Tomi – Imli’, a new tomato sauce with tamarind and tangy spices. The product is targeted at children in the age group of 14 years and above. As a marketing manager, which steps would you like to take while launching this product? How will you conduct the test marketing for this product?

Q3) Discuss the pricing techniques applicable to FMCG products being launched in a highly competitive market.

Q4) ‘Channel intermediaries are essential for effective distribution of a product? Discuss.

Q5) Describe in detail the extended PS of marketing mix.

Q6) Explain the ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ strategies with suitable examples.

Q7) Write short notes (Any two) :

a) Direct Marketing.

b) New trends in packaging.

c) Non – Store Retailing.

d) Physical Evidence.

OCTOBER 2011 (2005 pattern)

140751-21 M.B.A. (Sem. -11) 201: MARKETING MANAGEMENT (2005 Pattern)

Time :3 Hoursl Wax. Marks : 70

Instructions to the candidates:

I) Attempt any five questions. 2) All questions early equal marks.

Q1) Important role played by 4Ps in competitive environment. Discuss.

Q2) Discuss the steps in new product development.

Q3) Explain how marketing mix should be changed during various stages of the PLC.

Q4) Discuss the role played by physical distribution in support of channels of marketing.

Q5) Explain the various methods of determining prices.

Q6) Define sales promotion. Explain the methods of sal es promotion with suitable examples.

Q7) Write Short Notes (Any two) :

a) Branding.

b) New Trends in Packaging.

c) Internal Marketing. d) Online Marketing.