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200+ Marketing Presentation Topics for Students (2021)

Given below is a list of 150+ latest Marketing Presentation topics for Students updated in 2021. This list covers marketing topics for subjects like basics of marketing, sales & marketing management, digital marketing, services marketing etc. These presentation topics will help students of MBA, MMS, MMM, PGDM, MCA, BBA, Bcom, Mcom and other management streams. These latest and innovative marketing presentation topics can be used for seminars, webinars, conferences, oral presentation, classroom presentation and group discussions.

Latest Marketing Presentation Topics

Marketing 4.0: Online Meets Offline, Style Meets Substance

Current Trends in Marketing

Online Marketing: Impact on society!

Marketing beyond 2020

The return of Ambush Marketing

Green Marketing (Eco-friendly marketing)

Experiential Marketing

Network Marketing

Marketing Mix

New Product Development Strategy

Uses of the Internet as a marketing medium

Fundamentals of Marketing Management

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategies

Importance of marketing in today’s economy

The relevance of 7Ps of marketing in CSR

Philanthropy in communication at mid-market firms: It pays to be creative

Corporate Social Responsibility step towards brand building

Corporate communication trends in today’s business world

Communicating ethics up the supply chain: getting the word out to suppliers

Consumer expectations the social accountability of business

Media Responsibility

Marketing Audit

Television advertisements and their effect: Facts

Controllable variables of Marketing

New CSR marketing trends: Transparency and dialogue

CSR and product responsibility

Vertical Marketing System

Pricing strategies for each stage of PLC

Customer Relationship Management

Effectiveness of Location-based marketing

Role of Marketing in Modern organization

Viral Marketing: Low cost-effective marketing

Ambush marketing: The undeserved advantage

Need for an Action against Ambush Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing: Unconventional but effective!

Guerrilla Marketing: Advertising with a viral effect!

Ambush Marketing: Steal the spotlight!

A Strategy Model for Export Marketing

Interesting Topics For Marketing Presentation

Marketing is not merely selling (learn more)

The new rules of Guerrilla Marketing!

Is Marketing Myopia Killing your Business?

Marketing Tactics For Viral Success

The power of Ambush Marketing

Creative Thinking Skills for Marketing Managers

Commercialization of social issues

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Presentation Topics

Viral Marketing for the Real World

Is Viral Marketing a Myth?

Effectiveness of Digital Marketing in the Challenging Age

Emerging trends in digital marketing

Digital Marketing & SMEs: Challenges and opportunities

Timing Is Everything in Online Marketing

The importance of digital marketing

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional To Digital

Current digital marketing trends

Mobile Marketing: Future of Marketing!

Email Marketing: Still Relevant!

The evolution of social media marketing

New trends in social media marketing

Future of Virtual Marketing

Strategies to Go viral on social media

Challenges in Distributing Services through Electronic Channels

The Future of social media in marketing

Social Media as a marketing tool

Trends in Mobile marketing

Facebook marketing

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in the Business Environment

OTT platform: Is a fall of television!

Marketing Research Presentation Topics

Ethics in marketing research

Ethical Dilemmas in Marketing Research

A decision making perspective on marketing research

Designing international marketing research

Applications of secondary data in international research

New Product Development & Marketing Research!

Budgeting and scheduling the research project

Career opportunities in Marketing Research

Factors that influence marketing research

Marketing research as an instrument for maximizing profit.

Ethical issues in marketing research

Framing research questions in an international environment

Designing international marketing research

The importance of marketing research in business growth

Topics Related to Marketing In India

Marketing your business in India: Challenges & opportunities

Indian brands that are rocking content marketing!

Influencer Marketing in India 2020

Reasons why the future of Digital Marketing in India is bright!

Digital Marketing In India: Scope and Challenges

Marketing myopia: Why Indian Businesses needs to think big

Best Ambush Marketing Campaigns in India

Ambush Marketing: Need for legislation in India

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Miscellaneous Topics

Impact of branding on consumer purchase decision

Role of data analytics in Marketing Research

Effect of consumer behaviour research on new product development.

Relation between marketing research and profit

The future of search strategies

Application of augmented reality for marketing initiatives

Artificial intelligence & marketing research

Applications of advertising comparative study

Studying factors that affect impulse buying

Technology: Boon or Bane for Marketing Research

Best marketing research practices

This is all about Marketing Presentation Topics for management and commerce students and researchers.