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Solapur University CGPA to Percentage Conversion

Solapur University has recently decided to implement a choice based credit system (CBCS). Accordingly, Solapur University has introduced the CGPA system for various courses. At some places, students need CGPA to percentage conversion and calculation. This article provides calculator for Solapur University CGPA To Percentage Conversion.

This calculator is useful for all CBCS courses run by Solapur University.

Solapur University CGPA to Percentage Calculator

There is no specific formula to convert CGPA marks into percentage. The CGPA to Percentage marks shall be calculated on the percentage of ACTUAL MARKS obtained by the candidate.

You can use this calculator to convert your CGPA score.

As per this circular, Solapur University does not have any special formula for conversion of CGPA or Grades into the percentage of marks. For this Solapur University has provided a simple calculation.

Wherever required, the conversion of CGPA to the percentage of marks can be calculated as the average percentage based on cumulative marks scored by the candidate in the academic semesters, which are considered for calculation of the said CGPA.

Source: Solapur University circular dated 29.1.2019

CGPA to Percentage conversion Formula

CGPA Formula

Percentage (%) = (Total Actual Marks Obtained / Total Maximum Marks) x 100

For Example:

If your total marks obtained for Sem. I to VI is 1250 out of total maximum marks 2000, then you need to apply this formula to calculate the percentage.

CGPA to Percentage conversion certificate

If needed, students can obtain CGPA to percentage converted marks certificate from the Institute. If not, they can use the following circular for CGPA to percentage conversion proof purpose.

Useful Terms:

  • SGPA: Semester Grade Point Average
  • CGPA: Cumulative Grade Points Average

This is all about online calculator for CGPA to percentage conversion for Solapur University, Solapur.

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