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100+ Textile Presentation Topics (Updated)

This is a list of textile presentation topics useful for textile engineering students and professionals. These textile and fabric technology related power point paper presentations are useful for webinars, seminars, conferences, lectures. These topics are equally useful for speeche, eassay or group discussion.

Below is the list of textile topics for presentation.

Advanced Physiological Aspect of Clothing

Actions in the Blowroom Section

Advanced Garments Manufacturing

Agricultural application of textiles

Developments in Yarn Spinning Technology

Idea of machine or equipment Data acquisition through serial and parallel ports

Digital Printing Technology

Crighton opener machine

Defects and remedies of dyed materials

Development of weave from elementary basis

Digital Printing

Future of Textile Industry

Nano Technology in Textile

The super-fiber with new performance

New spinning processes

Neural networks in fabric engineering

Open-end spinning processes : Advantages

Solubilised vat colours

Ultrasonic Assisted wet Processing

Unconventional looms

Bio Technology in Textile Industry

Utility services and Maintenance of Textile Machinery

Application of Computer in Textile

Air-jet Spinning

Classification of textile fibres

Commercially popular systems of spinning

Advanced Fabric

Apparel Manufacturing Technology

Advanced Wet Processing

Factors for Ring Traveller Selection

Advanced Yarn

Textile Testing and Quality Control

Basic Operations in the Blowroom


Blow Room:

Break Spinning


Carding Machine

Centrifugal Spinning

Chemical structure of fibres

Construction of elementary weaves

Conversion of filaments to fibres

Dispersion Spinning


Dry Spinning

Elements of woven design

Fabric Manufacturing Technology

Fabric Structure and Design

Factors for Ring Traveller Selection

Fashion & Design Technology

Fashion Illustration & Collection

Fibers for the next generation

Some studies on fabrics produced by dyneema fibres for defence application

fibre fineness: technical significance

Fibre Testing

Textile chemical analysis

Flash Spinning

Flyer Spinning

Friction Spinning

Textile Testing and Quality Control-3

Textile Costing and Management

Garments Manufacturing-1

Gauze and Leno structure

Textile Raw Material-2

Idea of simple macro programming in excel for spinning and weaving calculations

Knitting technology

Textile testing

Mechanics of flexible

Mechanics of textile reinforced materials

Melt Spinning

Microstructure and macrostructure of fibres

Textile finishing and printing

Modern methods in textile manufacturing

Multi-axial fabrics

Natural Fibres Vs Man made fibres

New methods in textile testing and analysis

Physical chemistry of dyeing

Textile chemical processes

Pile structures

Plasma Technology in Textiles

Process of Cotton Carding

Processing of manmade fibres in the short staple mill

Reaction Spinning

Recycling Process of Textile Waste

Ring Spinning

Rotor Spinning

Silk fibroin protein based biomaterials

Silk fibroin protein based biomaterials

Special testing of interlaced and textured yarns

Staple fibre Spinning

Textile Manufacturing Process

Structures and properties of polymers

Textile Physics-1

Study of sound damping properties of non-wovens in protective equipment

Tapestry structures

Tensioning Device

Textile reinforced materials structures

Textiles in civil engineering applications

Types of selvedges and their weaves

Vortex Spinning System

Waste Spinning

Wet Processing Technology

Wet Spinning

Yarn Manufacturing Technology

Yarn testing

This is all about list of presentation topics for textile and fabric engineering.

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