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Web Engineering Presentation Topics

This list of Web Engineering Presentation Topics covers ideas about various areas and disciplines of web-related developments, web engineering, web applications and other related contents. You can prepare a PowerPoint presentation (ppt) for paper presentations, webinars, conferences or seminars. We hope this content will be helpful to engineering and management students of MBA, MCA, BCA, BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech and IT.

Below is the list of Web Engineering Presentation Topics:

An engineering approach to Web application development

Benefits and Drawbacks of Automated Tests of web applications

Building Rich Internet Applications Models: Example of a Better Strategy

Business Processes for Applications on the Web

Can Internet-Based Applications Be Engineered?

Challenges in Web Crawling

Challenges in Web Project Management

Client/Server Communication on the Web

Comparison of Simple Web-based systems & Advanced Web-based systems

The complexity of Web Applications

Components of a Generic Web Application Architecture

Data interlinking

Data Models for Web Information Systems

Distributed Cross-corporate Web Applications

Engineering of Web-based software systems

Future possibilities in Web Engineering

Games with a Purpose

Human-computer interaction and user modelling

Hypertext Structure Modeling Concepts

Integrated Web Application Development Environments

Internationalization of Web Applications

Inter-Widget Communication: Challenges and Solutions

Maintenance of Web Applications: Challenges

Migrating Web Applications to Web Services

Multimedia Authoring Tools and Software

Need for Web Engineering

Perceptions of Web Development

Personalisation and Adaptation of Web applications

Problems and Restrictions in Integrated Web Design

Process Modelling of Web applications

RE Methods to Web Application Development

Requirements Engineering for Web Applications

Requirements for a Web Application Development Process

Scientific and practical excellence in Web Engineering

Security for Web Applications

Semantic Data-Driven Interfaces for Web Applications

Strategy to Keyword Search

Testing and Evaluation of Web systems and Applications

The International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE)

The SWAC Approach for Sharing a Web Application’s Codebase between Server and Client

Usability of Web Applications

Visual Elements of Web Pages

Web Application Architectures

Web design methods & Tools

Web Engineering: A New Discipline for Development of Web-based Systems

Web Site Auditing – First Step Towards Reengineering

Who’s Right in the Web Development Debate?

This is all about Web Engineering presentation topics for IT & Management students.

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