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Business Policy And Strategic Management Question papers

These are Business Policy and Strategic Management Question papers for your reference. For these question paper sets, we have referred previous years BPSM question papers of Pune University.

Hope these sample question papers will help students of MBA, BBA, MMM, PGDM, B Com, M Com, MCA and other management streams.

Business Policy And Strategic Management Question Paper: Set 1

Instructions to the candidates:

  • Attempt any three questions from Section -I and each question carry equal Marks i. e. 15 marks.
  • Section – II case is compulsory and carry 25 marks.


Q1) a) Define strategy and strategic management.

b) Explain the following terms:

  • i) Vision,
  • ii) Mission,
  • iii) Objectives,
  • iv) Purpose &
  • v) Goals.

Q2) a) Describe BCG matrix.

Q2 b) Explain GE Nine Cell model. What is the advantage of GE Nine Cell over the BCG matrix?

Q3) Leadership style, corporate culture, values and ethics playa crucial role in Effective implementation strategy. Comment.

Q4) What do you understand by Mergers & Acquisitions? What are various types of mergers? What are the issues in implementing ‘merger strategy’ successfully? Cite the latest Indian & Global examples relevant to the merger strategy.

Q5) Write short notes on any three:

a) Porter’s five forces framework.

b) SWOT Analysis.

c) Value chain.

d) Mckinsey’s 7s framework.

e) Core competencies.


TATA MOTORS NANO TO ROLL OUT the world’s cheapest car, the widely awaited Nano, will be launched on 23 – 03 – 09. Tata Motors will display the Nano at the dealership from the first week of April, 09 and will accept bookings from the second week of April, 09. The launch of Nano whose potential to revolutionize the automobile industry has been widely acknowledged in India and abroad will be one of the bright spots in a bleak landscape for the global automobile industry.

Sales have plunged by double-digit percentages, or worse, in the market across the world from the US to China. In India, Nano’s entry might lead to growth in the domestic market.

The car may also find a niche abroad, a cash-strapped consumers are likely to look for bargains.

In 2008, Tata Motors displayed the Nano at the Geneva Motor show and plans to present the European version at the show in March, 2009. It plans to sell Nano in Europe at 5000 Euros.

Tata Motors will roll out 60,000 – 80,000 units of the Nano from another plant in pantnagar in Uttarkhand till the sanand unit is geared upto produce 2.5lakh units a year.

Tata Motors has began aggressively gearing up its distribution network to sell a car, which will primarily focus on semi-urban and rural areas.

The base version of the Nano, which will be without an A.C. will be priced at around Rs. one lakh while the A.C. model will carry a higher price tag.

It is learnt that Tata Motors Finance is working on various packages through SBI and HDFC Bank, to offer competitive interest rates.

Dealer of Tat a Motors said that company might take full payment for booking. Sona Koyo steering systems executive chairman said. “Nano is the most awaited car, and, therefore, its launch is welcomed by the world”.

Case Study Questions:

1) Carry out an Environment Analysis for Tata Motors.

2) With the launch of Nano Car, will Tata Motors have Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)? Justify your answer.

Source: SPPU Pattern and year ’09

Hope these previous years Business Policy And Strategic Management Question papers will help understand the question paper pattern.