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Cognitive Framework of Organizational Behaviour

As per the cognitive framework of organizational behaviour, before the behaviour of a person, cognition starts and giving input to the thinking, perception and problem solving of the person.

Various Frameworks of Organisational Behaviour

There are three major frameworks of organisational behavior.

1. Cognitive Framework: It includes the positive and freewill aspects of human behaviour.

2. Behaviorist Framework: It mainly focus on stimulus and response

3. Social cognitive framework: This framework of organisational behaviour considers cognitive and environmental variables.

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Cognitive Framework of Organizational Behaviour

Meaning of Cognition

Cognition means the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge. It can be understood through thought, experience, and the senses.

The simple meaning of cognition is the act of knowing and item of information.

Origin of Cognition Word

Origin & Etymology of the word cognitive or cognition

  • The word cognitive is derived from the English word cognition.
  • The word cognition has originated from the Latin word cognoscere which means get to know.

What does the framework mean?

The framework is simply a basic structure or building block of any system. The framework gives a robust yet flexible structure which provides an opportunity to build something new or innovative.

Concept of Cognitive Framework of Organizational Behaviour

Cognitive framework of OB is based on the concept of:

  • The expectancy of the human being
  • The demand of the human being
  • The intention of the human being

According to Edward Tolman, learning consists of the expectancy that a particular event will lead to a particular consequence.

If we use this to represent cognitive framework it simply means every individual set his goal and he also know the behaviour will take him to achieve the goal.

Uses and benefits of the cognitive framework of organizational behaviour

This cognitive framework is useful in analyzing perception, personality, motivation, decision making of human in the organisation.

This is all about definition, meaning and concept Cognitive Framework of OB.

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