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Importance of Motivation in Organization

This post covers the importance of motivation in an organization with the help of the following points. We also have given some examples to simplify the concept of employee motivation and it’s importance in the workplace to improve the efficiency & efficacy of the work. Motivation is important for both employees and management in an organization to improve results.

Importance of Motivation in Organization can be explained with the help following points:

Improved Performance

Employees are motivated to perform the allotted task. They look for better ways. Motivated employees are more productive than adaptive employees.

Better Quality

Motivated Employees will be more quality-oriented. This will help the organization improve its product and service quality.


Highly motivated employees are more Productive than adaptive workers. This can boost organisation’s overall performance.

Creativity & Innovation

A motivated employee shows more Creative, Spontaneous and Innovative behaviour at work. They also try to find and adopt new way of doing things.

Better Understanding

Comprehensive understanding of the way in which organization functions is an another important point we can associate with motivated employees.

Tech Savvy & Updated

Motivated employees are more enthusiastic and updated with latest trends and technologies. For example: ISRO

Future Resource

Motivation helps developing employees as future resource. By motivating employees, organisation make them an asset for the organisation.

Less Attrition

Motivation reduces labour turnover. It improves retention of employees. Less attrition rate leads to better work environment and less conflicts. It also reduces cost on training.


Motivation leads to decreased absenteeism. Motivated employees may attend their workplace happily and regularly.

Optimum Utilisation

Motivated employee thinks about proper utilization and handling of the available resources. This leads to Maximum (actually optimum) utilization of Production Factors.


Motivation may lead to Worker’s better Co-operation. Better cooperation and coordination leads to teamwork. This creates healthy and productive work environment in the organisation.


Motivation offers Good Industrial relations.

This is all about need and Importance of Motivation in Organization.

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