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Marketing Research Question Bank

Given below is the Marketing Research Question Bank useful for MBA, MMS, BBA, PGDM and other management students. This is also useful for exam preparation of subjects like Contemporary Marketing Research. Hope this set of MR important questions will help you score better in the university examination. This question bank is useful for various top universities like Pune University, Mumbai University etc.

Given below is the Question Bank of Marketing Research (MR) –

Long Questions (5 or 10 Marks)

  • What is a Marketing Information system (MIS)? Discuss its components.
  • Discuss briefly the meaning of marketing research. Explain its significance in Modern times.
  • Define Marketing Research. Discuss the applications of Marketing Research in various decisions in marketing management.
  • Discuss in detail ethical issues in Marketing Research.
  • Briefly describe steps involved in Marketing Research.

  • What is qualitative research? Discuss different methods of conducting qualitative research.
  • Discuss the contents of Marketing Research Proposal. Give a research proposal for a study required by a company which intends to launch a new brand of health drink.
  • What is Research Design? Explain types of Research Design with suitable applications.
  • Discuss different types of sampling methods.
  • Discuss in detail various methods of probability and nonprobability sampling.

  • Design a questionnaire to study online buying behaviour of consumers for electronic goods using appropriate attitudinal scale
  • Explain the term scaling. Elaborate applications of Likert and Semantic Differential Scales.
  • What is Multi-dimensional scaling? Discuss its use in marketing research with suitable examples.
  • What sampling design would you select for a study to find out the household expenditure on home care products by various income groups? Give details of sampling design & method with proper justification. Make assumptions as required.
  • What is conjoint analysis? Discuss applications of conjoint analysis.

  • What is Factor analysis? Discuss the applications of factor analysis.
  • Discuss the concept of cluster analysis and its importance in marketing research. Explain salient features of cluster analysis with suitable illustrations. Explain the procedure of ‘cluster Analysis’ and ‘clustering methods’.
  • Explain the application of cluster analysis in Marketing. Interpret the following perceptual map. generated from a hypothetical example of No. of store visits & expenditure in visits per year for 15 individuals. (Ato O)What is Discriminant Analysis? Discuss its objectives and applications in Marketing Research.
  • Differentiate between univariate and multivariate techniques. Which category of techniques is best suited for consumer research and why?
  • Discuss ‘Balanced vs Unbalanced’ scale and ‘Forced vs Unforced’ scale.

  • What is the ‘chi square’ test? Explain its applications in Marketing Research.
  • What is test marketing? What are the objectives & applications of Test Marketing? Suggest a Test Marketing Procedure for launch of new health supplement product for working women.
  • Discuss various applications of Consumer Panels in Marketing Research.
  • Explain content and construct validity in detail. (Subpoint of quantitative research)
  • Discuss Reliability and Validity Testing of Measurement Scales used in Marketing Research. (Subpoint of quantitative research)

  • What is a multi-item scale? Discuss different approaches to assess the reliability and validity of the scale.
  • Explain the importance of Experimental Designs in Marketing Research. Explain Before-After and Before-After with Control Group Design.
  • Discuss ‘Experience Survey’ and application of ‘Fours Groups’ in marketing research.
  • What is experimentation in Marketing Research? Mention the type of experimental design in the following situation. i) Sales revenue is observed after the training of sales persons at a readymade garment shop. ii) Attitude of customers is measured before & after the new advertisement of a product.

Short Questions (2 or 5 marks)

  • Media Audience Tracking Studies.
  • Retail Shop Audit.
  • Advertising copy research.
  • Readership Surveys
  • Channel behaviour
  • Opinion polls
  • Syndicated Research
  • Coding & Tabulation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Problems of conducting research in India
  • Statistical designs’ and ‘Randomised Block’ designs.
  • ANOVA, its applications, and methods in testing the hypotheses

This is all about question bank of Marketing research for management students.