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Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation

Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation is the one of the simplest Theory on motivation and this theory is used Widely. This theory was developed by Abraham Harold Maslow.

Maslow’s need hierarchy theory  mainly emphasis on:

—-Human beings are full of needs and wants. And these needs will lead to their behaviour. Unsatisfied need can influence the behaviour satisfied one will not act as an motivator.

—The needs of the human beings are countless so in this theory the needs are arranged in an order as per their importance and from basic to complex

—It also states that the person will try for the next level or to the complex level when his basic need is satisfied.

—The individuality, humanness and mental health of the person will improve at par with the level of need he satisfied.






Social Needs


Safety Needs


Physiological Needs


Physiological Needs

The basic but powerful need of a human being. If this need is not satisfied no one can think of any other need.
This need if unsatisfied will lead the human to think if I get this I don’t want any thing else. Need included in this are Food, Shelter, water, sleep, protection from extreme temperatures etc.

In case of organisation Salary, and basic working condition will come under this and a manager must ensure this.

Safety Needs

Ones the human satisfied with basic he will demand for safety needs this can be easily seen in case of infants who are dependant. Things included in this are secured income, own house, insurance etc.

In case of organisation it is job security, increment, safety in work place et

Social Needs

Love, belongingness etc.. This need will be satisfied when he get a place in his family or reference group. Here love does not denotes any gender related relationship it involves a healthy, loving relationship between two people, which includes mutual respect admiration and trust. This need involved both giving and receiving of love. Group membership becomes an necessary for an individual.

In organisation social needs stands for good team, good work group, Friendship, professional leadership, informal groups et

Being a manager the manager should create an ease atmosphere in the organisation a professional friendly relationship he need to maintain with the employees. Many a times some manager feel the relationship between two employees as a threat to the working atmosphere. This may lead the employees to get dissatisfied towards safety and social needs.


It is self- respect and esteem from others. It improves the confidence level of an employee. Individual wants to know hat he is worthwhile. Esteem includes prestige, recognition, attention, status etc.

In organisation it means job title, publicity, recognition, challenges, rewards et

The person who is satisfied with this self esteem need will be confident, capable, worth, strong etc… In the other hand the employee who is not satisfied with this need will feel inferior and loss confidence. Maslow also insist that the human should consider internal assessment about the satisfaction of self esteem and not the external factors which is not under the control. The mangers can give challenging assignments, performance feedback et

Self- Actualization

It is the level in which a person attains everything what they want to become. And it is very rare to find such persons who have attained the level of Self- Actualization Hardly one percentage of the population fulfills this need of self- actualization. There are several reasons why this level could not be attained by many few of them are human does not aware of their potentials, external environment, and negative influences.

This is all about Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory Of Motivation.

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