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50+ Important Product And Brand Management Questions

Product and Brand management is very important for management and commerce students. Below are more than 50 important questions on Product and Brand Management (PBM) subjects. These sample questions and question papers are useful for MBA, BBA, B. Com, PGDM & other similar courses.

The University of Calicut, NPTEL, The University of Texas at Dallas, Calcutta Business School, LDRP Institute, The University of Edinburgh, NUS Business School, LPU, Kurukshetra University, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) & many other popular universities offer brand & product management as a core subject in their syllabus. Students as well as academicians can use the following sets of questions & previous years’ question papers for exam preparation.

Through these product and brand management questions, you will understand the nature and structure of the PBM question paper and the expected answers.

Product Management Questions

Long Questions (10 Marks each)

A leading firm in the ‘Fast-moving Consumer Goods’ sector found out through research that there is vast potential in the branded flour (atta) market that could be tapped. Based on this, the company decided to enter the market. Discuss the process of designing the positioning strategy for the product.

While developing product strategy, how you will do customer Analysis and competitor Analysis?

What are the Factors influencing the design of the product?

Discuss the process of New Product Development.

What are the factors that affect Product Management Decisions?

Explain in detail how a Product-Focused Organization is different from a Market-Focused Organization. Also, point out factors influencing the design of the product.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of product-focused organization & market-focused organizations?

Developing a brand is much more difficult than developing a product. Comment.

What are the Methods of estimating market & sales potential?

What role does consumer analysis play in designing product strategy?

Comment on a Product Strategy of any FMCG and automobile sector company.

What is sales forecasting? Explain the significance & techniques of sales forecasting.

What are the similarities & differences between a “product-focused organization” and a “market-focused organization”?

“Customer Analysis & Competitor Analysis are necessary for Developing Product Strategy”. Comment.

What are product development and changes affecting product management?

Discuss the factors that influence product design. Give suitable examples.

Short Questions (1 or 2 marks each)

Write a short note on the Management of Product Strategy over the Product life cycle.

What are the steps involved in ‘Brand Building’?

Define New product development. Enlist stages.

Write a short note on Competitor Analysis.

Brand Management Questions

Long Questions (5 or 10 Marks each)

What do you understand by Brand Equity? Explain various methods of calculating Brand Equity.

What are the types of Brand Extensions? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Brand Extension.

Explain with examples, the process of building brands.

What factors should brand managers address to develop the identity of their brands?

Explain the concept of brand equity and why it is important for businesses.

What is a brand endorsement? Explain the role of celebrities in endorsing the brand.

A brand is built in the minds of people. Do you agree? Explain this in the context of “Asian Paints”.

Describe Brand Extension at length with proper illustrations.

Describe brand elements of­ a) Coke b) Pears.

Developing a brand is much more difficult than developing a product. Comment.

A leading two-wheeler manufacturer has developed a new four-wheeler. What steps a manufacturer should take to build a brand?

How the “Brand equity management” system is established and how sources of brand equity” and “customer mindset” is measured?

Most of the foreign brands introduced in India have failed. briefly discuss possible reasons.

Why brand positioning & brand building is necessary? Illustrate your answer with a suitable example.

Write a detailed note on “Designing and Sustaining Branding Strategies”.

What are the major Brand challenges & opportunities? Elaborate.

Summarise the Concept of Brand equity with appropriate examples.

A leading hair oil company plans to enter into the antiseptic skin cream business in competition with the market leader Boroline. Discuss the positioning and Brand building strategies that the company can use.

Short Questions (1 or 2 marks each)

Define co-branding and provide an example of a successful co-branded product or campaign.

What do you mean by Brand extension?

Define Brand hierarchy.

What is a Brand portfolio?

Define Brand Audits.

What do you think about Tata Nano as a Brand?

What do you mean by Brand Revitalization?

Summarise the concept of Brand Reinforcement.

Sample Question Papers of Product & Brand Management

Question Paper Set-1


  • Question No. 1 is compulsory.
  • All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) Vaibhav and Rajan are two enterprising youths. They have passed out from a premier management institute. They decided instead of doing a job, they would launch fresh vegetables in Indian Marketing. Having learnt of the future of conventional foods, they decided to venture into cultivating mushrooms. Mushrooms are known to be the best alternative food for vegetarians. For Vaibhav and Rajan fundraising was a serious handicap for Mass Production. However, Star Hotel in Pune bought the first trial batch of mushrooms they produced. Further, the hotel placed orders for a supply of 20kgs every day. Vaibhav and Rajan want to sell mushrooms in a huge way all over India. How will you guide Vaibhav and Rajan in a) Product strategies? b) Brand Positioning. c) Brand Strategies.

Q2) What are the factors that affect product management decisions?

Q3) Explain managing brand equity concerning brand revitalization and brand crisis.

Q4) What is Co-branding? Explain the meaning of the term reach and awareness Co-branding.

Q5) Write short notes on Any Two: a) Commodities V/s Brands. b) Competitor Analysis. c) Factors influencing the design of the Product. d) Brand Hierarchy.

Q4) Explain the concept of “Brand Equity”. Discuss the various techniques of calculating Brand Equity.

Question Paper Set-2


  • Question No. 1 is compulsory.
  • All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) What are the similarities and differences between the product-focused organisation and market-focused organisation?

Q2) What is New Product Development? Discuss various steps of the New Product Development Process.

Q3) “People have more faith in Brands rather than products”. Critically analyse the statement with the role and importance of branding.

Q4) What do you understand by Brand Equity? Discuss its significance in today’s highly competitive environment.

Q5) What do you understand by Brand Extension? Discuss various advantages and disadvantages of Brand Extension.

Q6) Elaborate on ‘Brand Equity’ and discuss various methods of measuring Brand Equity in detail.

Q7) Write Short Notes on (Any Two):
a) Brand Image.
b) Co-branding.
c) Sales Forecasting.
d) Celebrity endorsement.

Question Paper Set-3


  • Question No. 1 is compulsory.
  • All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) Managing Brand equity is a difficult task. Comment with suitable examples.

Q2) For any successful brand, brand equity plays a dominant role. Explain the techniques of measuring brand equity.

Q3) Evolve the steps in brand-building for an old fashion cafe chain.

Q4) Discuss the different methods of estimating market and Sales potential.

Q5) Depending on the stages of the product life cycle explain the strategies for each stage.

Q6) Describe different factors affecting the designing of the product with suitable examples.

Q7) Write short notes on: -a) Brand Extension. b) Aaker Model.

 These are model or sample question papers for the Product and Brand Management subjects.

This is all about Product and Brand Management Questions with answers.