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Wholesaling Definition Meaning & Examples

If you are looking for the definition and meaning of wholesaling in simple words, then this post is for you. Let’s understand wholesaling definition and meaning in plain English. Wholesalers are intermediaries in the Marketing distribution chain. They play a crucial role to distribute products more efficiently.

Wholesaling Definition in Simple English

Wholesaling is the set of all activities involved in selling goods and/or services to those buying for resale or business use.” This excludes manufacturers, farmers and retailers.

Wholesaling Definition By American Marketing Association

” Wholesalers sell to retailers or other merchants and or industrial, institutional and commercial users but they do not sell in significant amounts to ultimate consumers.”

– American Marketing Association (AMA)

Wholesaling Defined By Philip Kotler

” Wholesaling can be defined as all activities involved in selling goods and services to those buying for resale or business use.”

– Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing

Wholesaling Meaning

Wholesaling is a crucial part of Marketing Channels or Distribution channels. Wholesalers help to sell, promote, store and transport the Goods and Services to market with great efficiency. Indirectly, it also assists the manufacturer or marketer financially.

Wholesalers can be divided into 4 categories –

  1. Merchant Wholesalers
  2. Brokers and Agents
  3. Branches and offices and
  4. Miscellaneous wholesalers

Generally, wholesalers provide services to Manufacturer, Retailers and to the society. Wholesaler is an important link between Manufacturer and retailer.

Examples of Wholesalers

In FMCG products, wholesalers buy products in bulk from manufacturers and then store for reselling to retailers. For example, Mr. A Wholesaler buy Biscuits from Parle or ITC and sell that to retailers with certain margin of profit.

Few more examples:

  • Rice Wholesaler in Pimpri area
  • Purified water wholesalers
  • Apparel or clothing Wholesale Traders in Pune
  • Textile Wholesale Market in Surat
  • Food Raw Material Wholesaler

This is all about Definition, Meaning and Examples Wholesaling.

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