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17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations

The marketer must aware of the major Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations over other traditional promotional ways. Marketing Public Relations is mainly related to marketing activities and the use of promotional tools effectively. The concept of integrated marketing communications and digital marketing may help us for a better understanding of the modern PR concept.

Thomas L. Harris in his book on Public relations has given many advantages of MPR. But along with many benefits & advantages, MPR has few disadvantages & drawbacks. Limitations & disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations also enlisted below.

Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of Marketing Public relations in detail.

Advantages of Marketing Public Relations

1. MPR is More Consumer-Oriented than PR.

Marketing Public Relations (MPR) is different from Public relations (PR).

  • Public Relations (PR) follows the Management function.
  • In MPR, Public Relations follows the marketing function. This concept is consumer-orientated.

2. MPR Creates Better Brand Awareness.

Marketing Public Relations is an important activity to create a strong presence in the mind of consumers and to sell products or services effectively with less advertising.

It helps in:

  • Image Creation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Positive brand image
  • Brand Equity
  • Ultimately overall branding

3. MPR has Better Reach and Awareness.

MPR has high ability of the consumer’s reach and awareness.

  • Mass reach
  • Easy way to reach the audience
  • Easy to communicate the message directly to masses

4. MPR is Highly Targeted.

MPR is a highly targeted way for public relations. It can Offer More Detail as compared to other promotion tools.

Right MPR can help the marketer to:

  • Get the target market
  • Retain the target market
  • Grow the target market.

5. MPR is Cost-effective.

Marketing Public Relations is a cost-effective way to reach the market and to create a brand name.

  • With the help of PR, a marketer can achieve better efficiency and effectiveness in business activities.
  • This may lead to a reduction in the overall cost.

6. MPR is Highly Credible.

Marketing Public Relations achieves credibility. It makes advertising and its message more credible.

7. More Influence

Public may likely to trust messages and information coming from natural and organic sources rather than advertising and other paid forms. MPR has this important characteristic which may influence audience more effectively than other methods.

8. MPR Provides More Clarity.

Marketing Public Relations breaks through the clutter. It circumvents consumer resistance to sales efforts.

9. It’s Supportive.

MPR can effectively and efficiently create credibility by supporting other marketing communication tools.

10. MPR Adds More Value.

Marketing Public Relations adds a great valu to the companies internal as well as external marketing environment.

11. MPR Gives More Competitive Advantage.

The organization can adopt Marketing Public Relations and can take a competitive advantage.

12. Quickness

MPR has ability to spread messages and/or information more quickly, speedily as compared to other methods & mediums.

Disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations

1. Uncertainty

There is no or less guarantee of time and space in media for our company, products and services.

2. Lack of Control

There is a lack of control over media, message content and message release.

3. Standardization Issue

There is no standard measurement system to judge the effectiveness.

4. Lack of Skills Required

Marketing public relations may need different and special skills and may require to appoint separate officer to handle it.

For example: Skills to handle social media messages, Skills to handle digital media etc.

5. Other Difficulties

It’s difficult to tie in slogans and other advertising devices.

Bottom Line

These are some advantages and disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations (MPR) which can be elaborated with the help of various examples. Consequently, it seems that MPR has more advantages than disadvantages. The organization can use the benefits of MPR by implementing it properly.

The organization also can overcome drawbacks with the help of other promotional tools and effective implementation of MPR.

This is all about 17 major advantages and disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations.