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Behavioural Framework of Organizational Behaviour

Pioneer behaviourists Ivan Pavlov and Jon B. Watson insist that it is advisable and fruitful to study the behaviour of the human being which is visible than studying the mind which is elusive in nature. The concept of the Behavioural Framework of Organizational Behaviour can be clearly explained with the help of Stimulus and response. This is also called as Behaviouristic Framework of Organisational Behaviour.

Stimulus is the force of action or motivation and response is the reaction or the behaviour (Dog and the S-R Concept). Further behaviourists B.F.Skinner developed this concept by considering the environmental consequences which lead to a certain behaviour. Sinner advocates that Behaviour is not the outcome of stimulus alone, but it is an outcome that also depends on contingent environmental consequences of a behaviour.

This means that a human can project different behaviour for the same stimulus and he exhibits a response depending on environmental consequences. Overall it can be said that the Behavioural framework based on observable behaviour and observable environmental variables.

This is all about Behavioural Framework of Organizational Behaviour.

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