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Entrepreneur Profile – Definition, Meaning & Analysis

Profile means an outline or a short description of a person, organization or element. Entrepreneur is someone who starts business activity by taking financial risk in the hope of highest possible returns. The term Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurial Profile represents various traits, characteristics and qualities of a person required for successful entrepreneurship.

Definition of Entrepreneur Profile

Entrepreneur Profile is a short description of various traits, characteristics and qualities of an entrepreneur to identify business opportunity and organize operational resources assuming certain financial risks associated with it.

Successful Entrepreneur Profile

Successful Entrepreneurial profile consists of the main features and skills that form a successful entrepreneur.

Traits and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

  • Risk taking ability
  • Determination
  • Independence
  • Perseverance (How Persistent an Entrepreneur is?)
  • Believe in their capacities

Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

  • Responsibility: Sense of Personal Responsibility, Group Responsibility & Social Responsibility
  • Commitment: Committed to perform and achieve goal by organizing resources and People
  • Creativity: Most of the entrepreneurs possess this quality. They have very creative and innovative mind.
  • Novelty: They always come up with new ideas, methodologies and newness in process to move towards common goal with speed and consistency..
  • Flexibility: Openness of mind – Entrepreneur must be open to see all angles of the situation and flexible to modify or change the execution.
  • Risk-Taking: This is probably the ,most important quality of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Skillful organizer: Organizing a team with diversified skills is a very crucial task and needs a lot of patience and skills. Here, entrepreneur needs collaboration or organization skills to motivate the team.

External factors affecting successful entrepreneurial profile

  • Sociodemographic: Social and Population related factors
  • Psychological
  • Cultural

Internal Factors affecting successful entrepreneurial profile

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Experience
  • Resources
  • Educational Background
  • Skills
  • The current situation of the enterprise

Entrepreneur Profile Analysis

Entrepreneur profile analysis is a detailed examination of the qualities, characteristics and factors associated with an entrepreneur. It also analyses the contribution of these qualities and factors to his or her success or failure in the entrepreneurial journey.


Every entrepreneur has different characteristics and qualities to lead the organization. Entrepreneurial profile is a short description of these traits, characteristics and qualities.

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