MCA Management or MCA Science – Which is best?

There is a significant difference between MCA Science, MCA Management and MCA commerce course. It is important to know whether MCA Management or MCA Science which is best. Here we are giving you a clear idea about these three streams which will help you to decide the best one among that.

The following differences will give you a clear picture about which is best and which have a vast scope.

Let us discuss one by one.

Programme / Course Duration:

MCA (Management): 2 Years

MCA (Science): 2 Years

Focus On

MCA (Management): Computational Science based niche technologies & it’s applications

MCA (Science): Application development, Business intelligence, Data analytics, IT strategy and research


MCA (Management): Application & Management

MCA (Science): Technical, Skills

Scholarship benefits

MCA (Management): Freeship, EBC and other scholarship schemes & benefits

MCA (Science): Depends upon institution

Admission procedure

MCA (Management): State governments admits candidates through Common Entrance Test (CET) & Centralised Admission Process (CAP). For example, in Maharashtra CET Cell of Maharashtra Government completes the admission process. For admission through CET cell students have to appear for common entrance test like MAH MCA CET 2022, C-MAT etc. And the seats will be allotted by CET Cell Maharashtra as by the preference given by the students.

Along with these CAP seats, there are 10 to 20% intitute level (Management quaota) seats. Students can take admissions to these seats directly without CAP process. For institute level seats, candidate need to approach the Institute where he or she wants to get admission.

MCA (Science): admission in the institute level only by an entrance conducted by respective colleges


MCA (Management): When compared the syllabus in management is more practical & application oriented than the other two and help the students to get into professionalism. For example: Pune University has designed different syllabus for the three streams. All the three curriculum includes those subjects which are required by industries. Still, MCA (Management) has an edge over other two in professionalism & management orientation.

MCA (Science): The syllabus is more technical & skill based which focuses on areas like computer science, database management, data science, programming languages, web technologies, mobile development and advanced application development.


MCA (Management): Equal or less – To talk about fees, the institutes who provide MCA under management charges almost equal fees or in some cases even less fees as compared to fees in the institutes providing MCA under science course.

MCA (Science): Equal or more – The institutes who provide MCA under science and commerce charges almost equal or more fees than that of MCA under management.

Summary Table

PointMCA (Management)MCA (Science)
Duration2 Years2 Years
OrientationApplication, ManagementTechnical, Problem Solving
ScholarshipYes (If admission through CAP Process)Less probability
SyllabusCovers professional aspects, practical & business managemnet orientedMore technical & skill based focus on programming, database, & related technologies
FeesComparatively lessComparatively more
Which is best?MCA in Management could be best choice for you if you’re looking for managerial level, &/or administrative posts in computational fieldsMCA in Science will be best option for you if you see your career in more in technical aspects


Starting from the admission procedure, syllabus, fees structure, etc., all the streams are different from each other. However, MCA under management has a better scope than the other two streams due to its blended approach.