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MBA Project Report Format & Guidelines

Check these definitive guidelines to prepare your MBA project report. You can use this MBA Project Report Format & Guidelines as it is or you can change as per your project requirements. This project report format will give you an idea to prepare your summer or winter internship project report without much hassle. 

This MBA project report format is applicable to most Universities. Whether you study at Pune University, Shivaji University, Solapur University, Mumbai University, or any other university you can take benefit of these guidelines to prepare your Summer Internship Project (SIP). 

Format & Guidelines For MBA Project Report Preparation.

1. Font Settings

The text should be in the following format.

Select content, then apply the following settings:

  • Font Name: Times New Roman or Georgia or Arial
  • Text Font Size: 12
  • Heading Font Size: 14, 16, 18 (Bold)
  • Font Color: Black

2. Paragraph Settings

Follow this simple Step by step guide:

  1. Select paragraph, then right click
  2. Click on the paragraph menu
  3. Apply the following settings:
  • Spacing: Before: Auto, After: Auto
  • Line Spacing: 1.5 lines
  • Alignment: Justify

3. Margins of the project report

You can keep these margin settings for the optimal design of your project report format. You are free to adjust these settings as per your requirement or guidelines by your institute.

  • Left: 3.5 cm   
  • Right: 2.5 cm
  • Top: 2.5 cm   
  • Bottom: 2.5 cm

4. Paper size & type for project report

Students should take the printout on A4 size bond papers.

  • Paper Size: A4 Size
  • Paper type: Bond Paper (Recommended)

5. Index Format for MBA project

Page Numbers on the Index page should be printed. Should not be handwritten and should match with the contents.

Click here for Index Format for MBA Project

6. Submission: No. of Copies

Generally you need to submit two hard-bound copies or as per the requirement of your institute/university (Black Rexine with Golden Embossing as per the format specified). One original and one clean Xerox copy. 

  • No. of copies to be submitted: 02 (Confirm with your project guide before print)

Students have to submit a soft copy of the documentation preferably in the PDF format. You are free to adjust this part as per the guidelines of your project guide or institute for the project report format.

7. Other Important Instructions

  • It is expected that the student should submit a written structured project report based on work done during the specified period.
  • Maintaining a project progress diary during an internship can help students to write their project report more effectively.
  • All the screenshots (Input screens and Reports) should contain valid data. The input controls should not be left empty. (Only for IT Specialization Students)
  • Students are not supposed to print the company logo anywhere in the documentation, except on the letterhead given by the company.
  • Page numbers.: All the pages should have a page no. (right-aligned) as footer. Preliminary pages (before index page) should be numbered in Roman letters For Example: I, II, III, etc. The Chapters shall be numbered in Arabic numerals 1,2,3, etc. Section and subsections of any chapters shall be in decimal notation. (1, 1.1, 1.1.1., 2.1, 2.1.1 etc. Annexure must carry Roman numbers (I, II, III, etc.)
  • To make it easier, make two separate documents, one is till the index page and another one from the index page to the annexure.
  • All chapters shall be on a new page. The title for the chapters shall be properly centered at the top of the page.
  • Books: We recommend Research Methodology book written by Dr C. R. Kothari (Buy at Amazon). This book is highly useful for your project report preparation.

The Sequence of Pages in the Project Report


  1. Two blank pages at the beginning
  2. Title page
  3. Certificate of the Institute
  4. Certificate of the Organization/Company
  5. Students Declaration
  6. Acknowledgement
  7. Preface (If any)
  8. Executive Summary
  9. Table of Content (Index)
  10. Chapters as per Index

You are free to change this sequence (if needed).

MBA Project Certificate Format


This is to certify that Ms/Mr._________________________________________ is a bonafide student of <enter college name, city name here>, has successfully completed the project work as prescribed by the <enter university name here> in the partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master Of Business Administration (MBA) Program for the academic year 2010-2011.

The Project Work titled “[Enter Project Title Here]”.

Project guide                                       H.O.D                                                  Director

      Examiner 1                                                                                         Examiner 2

Project Declaration Format


I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the project report entitled, [enter project title] submitted by me to the [Enter University Name], in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration under the guidance of Dr./Prof. [enter name of internal guide name], is my original work, and the conclusions drawn therein are based on the material collected by myself.

The Report submitted is my own work and has not been duplicated from any other source.  I shall be responsible for any unpleasant moment/situation.


Date:         [Enter Student Name]

Acknowledgement Format


A successful project is the result of teamwork and co-ordination that includes not only the group of developers who put forth the ideas, logic, and efforts but also those who guide them. So, at the completion of the project, I feel obliged to extend my gratitude towards all those who made valuable contributions throughout my training period.

I am thankful for all the knowledge, guidance, and support imparted by Dr. / Prof. …………………………………….(Director) to me who gave me invaluable knowledge during the IT period.

In addition, I wish to convey a deep sense of gratitude towards Prof. …………………………………. (Name of H.O.D) at any time I needed.

In the end, just as significantly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to,                 Prof. ……………………………………….(Project guide), Prof. …………………………………..(Project Co-Ordinator) and Prof. …………………………………….(GFM) and all the other staff members who have provided me with excellent knowledge and support throughout my Post Graduation.

I am very much thankful to my parents, brother/sister, and friends for their continuous support.

Note: Students are free to re-frame the content, format, and index with pre-consent of their Project Guide.

How to get a PDF file of this MBA Project Report Format?

You can use this content for your project report, for personal use. Currently, we do not allow to publish this content elsewhere for any commercial or noncommercial purpose without prior permission.

This is all about project report format and guidelines for MBA and other management students.